Terrarium Adventure

Ch: 89+
2022 - ?
3.983 out of 5 from 222 votes
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Terrarium Adventure

Obsessed with the clicker game Infinite Diamonds for over a year, Jaehee finally reaches the ultimate in-game achievement — only to suddenly find herself in the RPG gacha game Terrarium Adventure! Why was she pulled into the game, and how can she get out? For now, she has no choice but to explore!

Source: Manta Comics

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This is a webtoon focused on adventure and character development with some comedy involved.The protagonist's cheat is that she has infinite money. The logic behind this is that before entering the Terrarium game world she was playing another game from the same developer, a game whose sole purpose was to collect diamonds. In this game, she unlocked an extremely rare achievement and ended up being sent to the Terrarium game world.The game she was transported to is a "gacha" game. The principle of this type of game is the same as that of a slot machine. It's all about luck (you get the rare prizes the first few times), or money (you buy until you get the prize you want). In this context, someone who has infinite money is very strong.To balance it out, the protagonist is extremely unlucky, so even though she spends a lot of money, she doesn't always get what she wants. The game world. [Some spoilers but for context, not event related]The game world Terrarium, is a world where a magic tree protects civilization from the enemy "fire". Creatures/monsters that burn everything around them. In this context, water is a scarce material, and incapable of putting out monsters. The only thing capable of eliminating these fire monsters are the Dryads. Dryads are beings that grow within the magical tree and can be invoked to make "contracts" with humans who can communicate with them. These humans are called Druids.Druids can acquire "fruits" from the magic tree and develop them to discover dryads, but like all gacha games, not every "box" carries an "item" so strong dryads are rare and valuable. MCThe MC is fun, but nothing too special. But the point is that this is a webtoon that promises character development. Unlike webtoons where the character starts strong, here her only cheat is money and even then there are several limitations. So it is possible that it will develop further. Think of an adventure protagonist rather than a reincarnation isekai protagonist. She has potential but needs to develop it. Recurring secondary charactersThe protagonist's party is much stronger than her, but they also carry limitations. Some of these limitations are linked to the protagonist's development so even they have to develop at a more realistic pace. My opinionAs an adventure, this webtoon has a lot of potential.The world was well developed, the number of chapters and  the amount of information we were told is well balanced. The beginning can be a little slow until the adventure really starts, but not too slow to the point of irritating, and I feel like a good foundation about the world, characters, and party goals has been established. This in itself gives me hope that this webtoon will not be one of those that rushes everything and ends up creating expectations only to later disappoint. The characters so far are the weakest point for me. I'm not especially invested in any of them. Not that they're annoying, just a little bland. But like I said, from what we've seen so far there's going to be more development so the characters will probably get more interesting. I recommend this manga to those who are going in with the right expectations.Don't expect any heavy plots, don't expect drama or romance.This is more of a balanced adventure between development and tranquility. At least for now

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