Tenshi no Serenade

Vol: 5
1972 - 1973
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Tenshi no Serenade

The five-year-old Lotti and six-year-old Johnny made the pledge that they would enroll to the Royal Music Academy together when they grew older. Sadly, the two were soon separated as their nation was divided into East and West countries by the two conflicting governments. Some years later, Lotti finally arrived the Academy against her parents' wishes. There she encountered the bad boy George. Originally, Lotti was not going to be accepted by the Academy as she failed the entrance exams... until the Student Body President, Carl, came in and told the headmaster that she was actually his fiancee. Even the Academy was divided into East and West wings, each representing the group of students from the two different regions. Carl was the Student Body President of the West wing and George, to Lotti’s great surprise, Student Body President of the East wing!

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