Tenseishita kedo Cheat Nouryoku wo Tsukawanaide Ikitemiru

Vol: 1+; Ch: 7+
2021 - ?
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Tenseishita kedo Cheat Nouryoku wo Tsukawanaide Ikitemiru

Alfred, the third son of a family of wealthy aristocrats, has been reborn into another world, and quickly realizes this world exhaustively uses those who were blessed by God with a cheat ability like he was. Wanting to avoid having everyone in the world force him to do stuff for them, he decides to hide the fact that he has such an ability, and just live out his life regularly. He succeeds in clearing the "Disciple Certification Exam" (by failing it) and gets sent on a disciple's journey. It's only then that the structure of this world and the mysteries about its money and goods gradually become clear.

Source: SB Creative

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