Tensai Gakusha ni Koishitara

Alt title: Love and Laughter

Vol: 1
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Tensai Gakusha ni Koishitara

Even though Kelsey Howard has just thrown a pie in his face, Elias Fletcher, genius extraordinaire, senses this gorgeous comedienne is no clown. It's glorious luck, Elias thinks, that put him within her range. Spontaneous and vibrant, Kelsey ignites everything around her. Including Elias. He's incredible, Kelsey has never believed more in fate than when Elias, to his own surprise, follows up on their mutual attraction. But the more they get to know each other, the larger their differences loom. And though they're both afraid to trust the laws of physics, there's no doubt that opposites attract, with some highly charged, and startling, results...

Source: MU

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