Tenchi Souzou

Alt title: Terranigma

Vol: 2
1996 - 1997
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Tenchi Souzou

Ark is a young golden haired boy who lives in the secluded village of Crysta, in the Underworld. Ark is the local troublemaker and lives at the Elder's place. One day, while the Elder is out, some guys ask Ark to open a blue door, which had always remain locked. Ark manages to break the door open and inside, he's lead to a box.By opening the box, Ark unlocks both a freezing curse to the villagers of Crysta, but also the power to overcome the curse and utterly change the world.Now, the ever isolated city of Crysta has a gate, and Ark must venture through several ordeals to restore life to the village, and on the way, he'll uncover many secrets and find an even greater purpose that would lead him far beyond the reality he knew.

Source: MU

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