Ten Count

Vol: 6; Ch: 48
2013 - 2017
4.39 out of 5 from 2,061 votes
Rank #642
Ten Count

Corporate secretary Shirotani suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder. One day he meets Kurose, a therapist who offers to take him through a ten-step program to cure him of his compulsion. As the two go through each of the ten steps, Shirotani's attraction to his counselor grows.

Source: SuBLime

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Larkawolfgirl's avatar
Larkawolfgirl Jan 3, 2015
Score 9/10

Written based on the first 17 chapters. Story: The story in a nutshell is that Shirotani suffers from a severe case of mysophobia (the fear of germs). He can’t remember when or why the phobia began (which I infer will be a later plot device *I can’t wait!*), but he has never felt that it was a problem that he needed to solve. Instead, he just adapts his lifestyle around the problem, for example... read more

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Aerythrin Jun 18, 2016
Score 10/10

*As of chapter 31, as spoiler-free as possible* I don't read much manga (honestly it's just too darn expensive), I was scrolling through some manga online on a whim and I came across Ten Count. Shamelessly, I was entranced by the bishie on the cover. :D But what I got is a really heartwarming and pretty deep look at the relationship between two guys, one with Mysophobia, and the other of whom is a... read more

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