Tekkon Kinkreet: Black & White

Alt title: Tekkon Kinkreet

Vol: 3; Ch: 33
1993 - 1994
4.376 out of 5 from 162 votes
Rank #2,250
Tekkon Kinkreet: Black & White

In the rusty and run-down Treasure Town, young orphans in their respective gangs rule the roost and use the landscape as their playground. The violent Black and naïve White are two such orphans who are unafraid of fellow children and Yakuza alike; never have they found a foe who could best them in a battle – until now. A strange man and his even stranger (and seemingly indestructible) henchmen have plans to tear down Treasure Town and erect an amusement park in its place, and they’ll cut down anyone who stands in their way. Can Black and White save their home, and each other?

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