Tegami Bachi

Alt title: Letter Bee

Vol: 20; Ch: 99
- 2015
4.177 of 5 from 786 votes
Rank #1,951
Tegami Bachi

In the land of eternal darkness, a place where the ground is perpetually-encased with snow and ice, people's hearts are entrusted to a select few. Delivering these hearts to their destination is the role of those known as Letter Bees, who transverse the frozen land to deliver the documents and letters. Following in the footsteps of the one who delivered him to the destination, Lag Seeing wants to become a Letter Bee and thank the one who inspired him to do so, Gauche Suede. Only now that the time has come, Gauche is nowhere to be found...

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Ebonyslayer's avatar
Ebonyslayer Sep 2, 2017
Score 10/10

Story- I think one of the reasons why I loved growing up with Tegami Bachi was because of its world building. We have a world shrouded in darkness with an artificial sun to bring light to the world of Amberground. Then we have three districts of people, being those from Yodaka, Yusari, and also Akatsuki. Within this world are the Letter Bees, letter carriers responsible for carrying the hearts of the... read more

Changeling's avatar
Changeling Mar 7, 2015
Score 10/10

This may be one of my favorite manga of all time.  In a nutshell, it's the story of a band of heroic, well, letter carriers in a dim-lit fantasy world who must brave rugged terrain and giant insect-like monsters to deliver the heart-felt sympathies of the populace. The story focuses on the highly empathic central character, Lag Seeing, who turns out to have a very special gift. But without spoiling ~~... read more

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