Tarepanda Goes on an Adventure

Alt title: Tare Yuku Mama ni: Ki ga Tsuku to Soba ni Iru.

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Tarepanda Goes on an Adventure

Tarepanda lives a happy and carefree life, but sometimes he needs to get out and go on a grand adventure. Rolling his way around the streets and down stairwells, Tarepanda finds himself in a variety of fun and interesting situations. Whether it's breaking bread with construction workers, lounging on a park bench, riding the train or becoming the subject of a painting, Tarepanda always manages to have a good time!

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SaiTatter Aug 30, 2016
Score 8.5/10

A very good full coloured mini-manga. The lazy panda is so cute that'll make you feel sorry for the people that leave him alone. The story feels likes a runaway adventure of a kid into the "jungle" that we are calling community. Some treat you with the back, some will be friendly with you but leave you after that and some will care about you and return you home. I loved the simplist art and the full... read more



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