Taming the Tiger

Alt titles: Eyes Clouded by the Tiger, Nun-e Beom-i Seolida

Ch: 80
2021 - 2023
4.384 out of 5 from 1,217 votes
Rank #94
Taming the Tiger

Ahn Geum-hoo needs a butcher to provide fresh animal blood for his sickly brother’s medicine. While most of the butchers seem reluctant to provide him with what he needs, Nobody is willing to do Geum-hoo’s bidding. With striking features and a strong build, Nobody has quite a reputation amongst the village folk. Yet, Geum-hoo finds a way to tame this wild tiger. First, he gives him a name—Beom. Then, he invites him to a world that this nobody’s never experienced...

Source: Lezhin

Includes 10 extra chapters.

Content Warning

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First off, I would like to say that my rating for Yaoi and normal mangas WOULD NOT BE THE SAME simply due to expectations and culture surrounding the two different genres are not the same. I have read many yoai mangas, some listed on my profile and some I didn't list on my profile so I will be basing my reviews off of the yoai universe and the subcultures in them. this review is mainly spoiler-free The first chapter or 2 was quite confusing as I was grasping to find out what is happening but after that, it wasn't confusing at all. Eventually, they reiterate what happened in the first chapter or 2 slowly. The reason why I give this manwha an 8 so far (speaking as there are currently only 36 chapters)  is because Story- 8.5/10 Basically, the overall reason is it is a good plot...well decent plot. It is good but it feels a little empty. I just read all 36 chapters and the amount of actual content would equal 11 chapters without smut. Now I like my smut so I'm not hating. I read way worst mangas so give this manga a shot. Maybe as the manga goes on it would get more heavy on the content as I am already seeing the building of a major event. Characters- 7/10 You can see the different sides of the main characters but not too much. You can see how both characters progress from one state to another. Currently, the main characters are in a state where the viewers are wondering what will happen to them. What will happen to the lord state? How far will their love go? Will love be their downfall? or will love be the reason they succeed? To be very honest, I kind of want to see how far their love will go for each other or what they will do in the name of love? I want to see more personality from the minor characters and a more layered personality from the main characters. The viewers need something, maybe more characters` emotions in order to build a connection with it. When the viewers build a connection with the story, it allows them to keep coming back bc they are invested in the lives of the characters.  Art- 10/10 I know there are different styles of art/ drawing styles etc so my reviewing will alter.  To simply put, it's excellent. the shading, the colour tones, the highlights. It is not overly detailed like other yoai mangas ( well menwha) with excellent artwork but it's simple enough.  Overall- 8/10  this is the mark i hold as the manwha currently has 36 chapters

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