Tamen De Gushi

Alt titles: SQ: Begin W/Your Name!, Their Story

Ch: 183+
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Tamen De Gushi

When Sun Jing in Affiliated No.2 Middle School encounters with Qiutong of South Middle School, a small episode makes Sun remember the girl whose smile as warm as sunshine. Their schools are adjacent, so Sun Jing always meets Qiu at the bus station. He starts to keep an eye on the girl and they become friends since then.

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captainwestenra's avatar
captainwestenra Apr 29, 2017
Score 10/10

this is the best manga i have read all my life. it is absolutely and utterly heartwarming. it's a perspective i've never seen in any form of media, any books, anything. it starts out simply cute with an image of a healthy and funny reading. throughout the chapters you learn not only that all of this sticks, but it's more than that. the author seems to have so much knowledge on the prejudices lived by the lgbtq+... read more

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Kaori98 Nov 12, 2017
Score 8/10

If you're looking for a sweet and heart-warming comedic shoujo-ai manga, look no further. Tamen De Gushi (她们的故事) fits the perfect criteria of the cutest and sweetest shoujo-ai manga of all times. Fluttering, cute, embarrassing moments can be found all over this manga that is sure to make you blush. Its jam-packed with the sweetest interactions ever! Plot/Story: To be... read more



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