Tamamo no Koi

Vol: 1; Ch: 6
3.695 out of 5 from 28 votes
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Tamamo no Koi

When I visited a shrine on the outskirts of town, a kemonomimi girl came back to give back!? A heart-filled comedy of Haru, a student living alone, and Tamamo, a caring fairy!

Source: MU

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This is a sweet enough story about two damaged people (one of them being a youkai) growing to rely on each other. Tamamo helps Haru by doing some household chores for fem and by simply being there, which seems to helps Haru open up and feel genuine emotions again for the first time since feir parents died several months back. In turn, Haru ends up helping Tamamo by cleaning up around the shrine and putting in effort to make it martetable, so that Tamamo's spiritual powers won't be lost. If people stop worshipping at the shrine, then Tamamo's appearance will start to deteriorate. And if the shrine is destroyed (which, of course, there is a risk of that happening within the story), then Tamamo likewise will disappear. The characters are dull. Tamamo especially. Tamamo has some childish clumsiness and fawning devotion toward Haru--personality traits which are intended to make fem fit into the "must-protect" strain of cuteness, which is a strain of cuteness that I tend to find shallow and unappealing. Tamamo refers to Haru as "master," if that's any indication of the lazy level of effort put into their personalities. It's not the worst manga I've ever read or anything like that, but it's also just very weak and uninspired. The potential destruction of the shrine (and thus, the potential disappearance of Tamamo) is the only aspect that is at all dramatically engaging, and that's not even handled nearly as well as it could've been. * * * "Suddenly nobody knows where you are.You're just a memory,an echo,an idea thin as smoke......Your edges blur and you becomea friend's story,a lover's history. Initially, you beat against the panes in set-aside framesbegging to be taken outand rolled into motion once more..." --Janine Solursh

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