Talk to Me

Ch: 167
2016 - 2023
3.945 out of 5 from 644 votes
Rank #5,488
Talk to Me

Everyone considers me the purest girl to ever walk this planet. I'm viewed as the girliest of girls and no one dare thinks I would think about anything naughty. But that isn't always a good thing. I have my desires and I want to let it out!

Source: Lezhin

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>> Spoiler Free << Okay, this honestly surpassed all my expectations.  I originally read this one since I didn't remember ever reading any MaleXFemale smut since I just tend to stick to BL.  When I first saw this, the first things that came into my mind was "horny" , "slutty" , "just plain sex scenes".  I expected a girl sleeping around with anyone she pleases.  I was so wrong.   The story is about a girl who is seen as pure and innocent among her peers, the truth is that she actually watches porn and masturbates every other day.  She has a boyfriend, who she does really like, but to keep her image as the "nice girl", she never had been honest to him about what she wanted to do during sex.  Finally, she decides to tell him the truth about her sexual desires, what will happen next?  Their relationship is so wholesome and has great smut as well.  The main sort of moral of their relationship is communication is very important for a healthy relationship - hence the title "talk to me", which I hadn't paid much attention to until now.  The FL is not a "slut" or anything, she has her sexual desires/pleasures but she is still a great character and has my respect.  The main couple explores how hard it is to communicate and how important it is.   The second couple is close friends with the main character.  An adorable comic relief from them, its one of those hate/love relationships but the couple isn't toxic at all and matures eachother.  Very good. In this story, there is no annoying and unnescary drama that gives out angst for no particular reason, this was a heartwarming read.  Also, the couples explores more unique sex ideas/positions such as BDSM (light), Roleplaying, Vibrators, phone sex etc.   The plot itself is simple but still well written, unlike some other mangas with smut, the couples remain healthy and non-toxic.   had expected a half assed story with its main attraction being the sex scenes but the story alone was heart waming and beautiful. I stan healthy and happy couples.  if you do too then this is worth the read.

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