Tales of Wedding Rings

Alt title: Kekkon Yubiwa Monogatari

Vol: 8+; Ch: 51+
2014 - ?
3.906 out of 5 from 637 votes
Rank #5,714
Tales of Wedding Rings

When Satou's best friend, Hime, tells him that she's moving, he decides to follow. After crashing her wedding in another world, he ends up as the groom when she suddenly kisses him! Prophecy states that her husband is destined to be the Ring King-a hero of immense power who will save the world from the Abyssal King! Is Satou up for the challenge, or is his new marriage going to end before it even begins?

Source: Yen Press

Content Warning

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TL;DR - You know, it's a shame that the story and characters suck so much because the artwork is absolutely gorgeous. But this manga reads like a perverted, middle-aged man fantasizing about stuff because he didn't have proper relationships when he was younger. ***HUGE Spoilers follow*** Story - 5/10 Okay, the TL;DR is really harsh. The story is not god awful, but it's nothing to write home about. Supposedly the main character met a girl and some old man in a white flash of light as a child, and then he was told to forget about it. Then it just conveniently skips 10 years to where he's a student and it turns out that this childhood friend of his is actually a princess from another world who was sentenced to marry somebody. And then he runs after her to the new world, suddenly has a ring pushed onto his finger, and then boom, he's the "ring king." God, what an awful title. Wasn't there anything better than "ring king?" Sounds like a Dr. Seuss character. Just... it's just lazy and too convenient. We have absolutely no chance to figure out what kind of personality MC has, and within all of the chapters currently released, these 'ring princesses" are just throwing themselves all over him. Why isn't this tagged as a harem?? I wanted a Romance. It's just really hard to take something like this seriously and enjoy it when you were recommended to read this from Horimiya, which is *such* a good manga. In fact, the 22nd-best ranked manga on this website as of 10 minutes ago.  Right now, it's just comically shounenesque, where the MC just travels to countries, basically collects these princesses and the rings (essentially adding to his harem), and the fight scenes are super short and lame. It's all about fan service.  Basically put, there isn't a ton of story here. You'd best find something else if you're looking for character development and a story that properly follows exposition -> rising action -> climax -> falling action -> resolution format. The format of this manga is jealous harem girls -> more jealous harem girls -> fan service -> even more jealous harem girls -> fan service -> tons of opportunities for MC to have sex but nothing ever actually happens.  The author is trying to tease you by waving something in your face and having you chase after it, but it's about as effective as if someone was waving a used dildo in front of me. Am I gonna chase after that? nah Art - 9/10 As mentioned in TL;DR, the artwork is absolutely gorgeous. The characters are *very* attractive, with tons of detail on both backgrounds as well characters, including clothing, eyelashes, eyes, hair, etc. In fact, I'm pretty sure the artwork was the only reason I kept reading this as long as I did. I've caught up on all of the currently released chapters, and I have literally zero interest in checking back to see when the next chapter is released. Characters - 3/10 First of all, I'm getting so tired of the childhood friend cliche in mangas and animes... it's an excuse to already have someone madly in love with our MC without having to put in effort on character development, and it's sort of garbage. You know, I guess it would actually be fine to use the childhood friend trope if the relationship was more complex and authors/artists started building on that. When you've been close friends with someone for 10 years, things sort of go beyond just "Oh, I think you're cute and I like you." There are little things that give them away, small glances or gestures or things, etc.... and there's zero of that complexity in any of the relationships in this story. Once again, girls just throw themselves all over our MC. Aside from him looking a little attractive, there's absolutely nothing else attractive about him. He's your typical, determined, overly self-righteous shounen MC. *sigh* Overall - 5.67/10 Maybe I'm being too harsh? I guess it's just difficult to come to this from reading Horimiya, which does just an excellent job of building on and showing the complexity of some of the relationships that occur between characters. I'm also tired of harems, because they're the dirty dreams of middle-aged men. You know, I don't know anyone in real life who has more than 1 or 2 people who actively pursue and throw themselves all over them. Love triangle? Perhaps. Love fucking hexagon? I'm done.

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