Taki Takanosuke no Sanpo Jikan - Custom lists

Taki Takanosuke no Sanpo Jikan
  • A Man and His Cat
  • Alice & Zoroku
  • 70 Uizan
  • 53-sai de Hajimete Off-kai ni Sanka Shimashita
  • 47-Sai, V-kei

Silver Stars: Manga, Webtoons, and Light Novels With Older Protagonists by AnnaSartin

These manga feature characters who are elderly or later middle age. Like their younger manga counterparts, these characters can go on adventures, have romances, deal with illnesses or other issues in their daily life, take up new...

  • .traeH
  • +C: Sword and Cornett Appendix
  • &Dropout
  • $10
  • "Touto Sugite Yomenaaaaaaai!!" 4P Short Stories

Unlicensed and Fully Translated Manga, Webtoons, or Light Novels. by YuiYui

Here you can find a list of manga, light novels, manhua and manhwa that are complete in Japan, China and Korea (all chapters/volumes are out), but they have not been licensed in the U.S. and have been fully translated. This list...