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Alt titles: Duopoly Underdog, Futarijime Underdog

Taken Captive By Two Former Classmates
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Jul 28, 2023

Just...all of the trigger warnings...

How in the hell has this got such a high rating?? 

The entire plot is kid was a bully when he was a child (but actually not that bad), immediately gets humbled by his father's company getting bankrupt and 10 years later everyone's just dumping all the consequences on him and he still thinks he's in the wrong when much worse is being done to him now  E.g. r*pw/SA sex slave contract, imprisonment, threats, etc...and that's just by the kids that were bullied that don't resent him at all. It's his father's fault, and yet everyone's forgiven, the father isn't made out to be the bad guy despite it all being his fault and running away and putting him in this position after he almost gets r*ped by someone else trying to get revenge on his father and he has one of those 'im being assaulted but it's not as nice as when the others are assaulting so I must care' moments which is....so effed up. And at the end of it all he's THANKING HIS KIDNAPPERS FOR KIDNAPPING HIM because it was 'all to protect him' like he wasn't in a lot of distress from all they were doing, and the story really tried to play the 'we're not good at communicating' card to try and brush that aside like that's not the most BS thing especially when their entire characters are 'twins that are opposites where one is bad at communicating and the other is the opposite as a playboy type' (idek if it's worth going into the incest because that's the least problematic thing about this at this point I swear...)

Tldr: not worth it, there's much better yaoi that's better and more entertaining out there (it's not only effed up but poorly written, and the smut is not worth it not at all)

1/10 story
2/10 art
1/10 characters
1/10 overall
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