Take Care of My Housekeeper

Ch: 31
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Rank #5,202
Take Care of My Housekeeper

When college student Ban Chan hits his wealthy underclassman Doyun's car with his motorcycle and runs off without taking responsibility, Doyun tracks him down and informs him that he owes him 10 million won in damages. Broke, in debt and unable to escape the consequences of his hit-and-run, Ban Chan loses his girlfriend and his job and ends up working as Doyun's temporary housekeeper. As the two young men get to know each other better, Ban Chan learns that Doyun's family is rather dysfunctional. He was abused by his brother for being gay, and he's being stalked by his obsessed step-sister who refuses to believe it and has convinced herself that he will one day marry her. To get rid of her, Doyun offers to reduce Ban Chan's debt if he pretends to be his lover, and he agrees. But what happens when this fake couple develops real feelings?

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