Vol: 2; Ch: 17
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Welcome to Yamato Yamada’s world. He used to think his biggest problem was trying to be a manga artist in a family of die-hard martial artists. But now that his kamiwaza powers are manifesting, he may be too busy fighting for his life to ever get a chance to finish his manga!

Source: Viz

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So, you know how My Hero Academia did a really good job of creating a captivating world that shows off various peoples' superpowers through a school setting? Well, this manga did a really bad job of doing that. The setting is so filled with holes, contradictions, and weak justifications that it's basically impossible to see it as anything more than shallow fight scenes. For example: Where are the Yamata parents? How does the Takamagahara school sense that people have recently awakened or are about to awaken?  How is society at large not aware of kamizawa and why is its existence being kept a secret? Do all people have kamizawa (as stated in chapter four) or has the number of people with kamizawa been increasing (as stated in chapter eight)?  Are Yaoyorozunokami the result of karma consuming people or is that the Yomi? What does it even mean for karma to consume somebody? How long has the Takamagahara school been active and if people aren't allowed to leave, then why aren't there more adults there? And where are the living quarters and other basic infrastructure needed for daily life? If learning isn't an actual goal, then why is the Takamagahara set-up as a "school"?  Kikuchi says kamizawa training is all about fighting, but why is it all about fighting? Does awakening to your kamizawa somehow also awaken an urge to fight within people? Why are students encouraged to treat their fellow classmates as enemies and not tell them about what their kamizawa does? To get the jacket that allows them to return to the human world they have to defeat the current wielder of that jacket, but what if the current wielder spends all of their time in the human world? And how did three people all end up with their own return-to-earth jackets when there was only one available to them? Considering how unethical and abhorrent this school is (it has a daily death-count and threatens people into attending), why haven't the students risen up and overthrown the teachers? There's an ongoing question about what Yamato's power actually is, and fem slowly accruing knowledge about its nature, but they never bring this question to a resolution. At first, fe only fights for the sake of others, and wants to invest time in feir true passion--manga. But then fe just seems to get stuck in feir fighter mode. It's actually pretty stupid how they visually have fem change between feir normal mode and feir fighter mode. The flailing death throes of this manga's last two chapters took it from half-baked mediocrity to utter garbage. The first seven chapters could be considered a 3/10, but by the end this manga's a solid 1/10. 

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