Alt title: Shinkuro: Hairikomu Zaiakukan

Vol: 2; Ch: 18
2012 - 2013
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The beautiful Akaike twins sisters have a unique ability to sync with people's guilt and see their halucinations and the horror that they see. Due to their abilities the two of them are involved in various incidents.

Source: Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha

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An interesting take on the muder mystery genre. This one's twist is that the twin MCs can see people's guilt as manifestations on/near them. Sometimes this helps them identify actual criminals, but it's not 100% accurate for that since some people feel guilt for things they didn't do, and some can do bad things without feeling guilty about it. Story: Very well laid out. There's a clear starting point, each case has its own plot and resolution, and there's an over-arching plot to the whole work as well. It's quite a satisfying, if simple, mystery work. Really my only complaint is that it's a bit too short, and that the author felt the need to re-cap the twins' ability at the start of every case. Art: Probably the weakest point in this work. It's not bad - in fact it has a great amount of background detail and an impressive amount of detail in the apparitions the girls see - it's just very bland with the characters themselves. Very little detail in the faces. Enough so that some scenes the faces are just straight-up missing lines and their face-space blends with the background. Characters: Not quite as solid as the story itself, but definitely respectable characterization. The main characters and the detective that is more-or-less a main character all have well defined personalities and goals, with enough detail that their motives are clear and make sense. Each Case they look into has great thought and detail put into the guilty person, and no two cases feel alike. Overall: A very enjoyable crime-solver story. Good for a short read. Note: The AP listing is missing the Nudity tag if that's important to you; There are a very small handful of scenes where bare breasts are visible.

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