Vol: 3; Ch: 20
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Kyou Manabizaki is a complete swot, but despite being one of the top ten students in the nation, the bespectacled teen has a fierce temper and will assault anyone who attempts to disturb his study! With ambitions of entering Toudai and becoming a successful inventor, Kyou has recently transferred to Skeleton High believing it will help him advance, except there’s one problem: his new school isn’t actually famed for its high university advancement rate, but is in truth infamous for its gangs of delinquent thugs. Following an encounter with a faction known as “The Bats” rumour begins to spread that this new swot is freakishly strong, and soon every bully in school is interested in what the bookworm can do. Now, along with his new friends Touji and Nene, Kyou is intent on destroying every delinquent around so that maybe he can finally get to some quiet, quality study time.

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