Sword Emperor previous life, Prince Trash this life.

Alt title: Zense wa Kentei. Konjou Kuzu Ouji

Vol: 4+; Ch: 31+
2019 - ?
4.076 out of 5 from 166 votes
Rank #8,795
Sword Emperor previous life, Prince Trash this life.

He was called a Sword Emperor who lived for the sword and died by the sword. And his end was a tragedy. However, by strange coincidence, he was reincarnated as the third prince in a country. He was enjoying his lazy lifestyle away from swords and heroism. As a consequence, people began referring to him as Prince Trash. He never cared about his derogatory name until one day, he encounters someone who gets the wheel of fate to move in motion.

Source: Alpha Manga

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I don't like the artwork. The choreography and intensity of the fight scenes are alright, but the ugliness prevalent throughout basically everything else drags the entire visual aesthetic down for me. Especially with the characters. The characters feel misproportioned and the eyes sit awkwardly on the faces and they generally just don't look good. Storywise, I have found things quite enjoyable and easy to read. The reluctant hero archetype is a classic and this manga makes use of it in a pretty good way. Because of the experiences in feir past life, our protagonist is almost suicidal in some of feir thoughts, and this also leads to some interesting contradictory aspects to feir motives and personality. Fe struggles with feelings of loneliness and self-hatred, and yearns to find a reason for living so that fe can die with a smile on feir face. I think that some of the internal struggles could've been portrayed more grippingly and realistically, but I think that the manga still did a pretty decent job with it. I like the fight scenes. Well, I guess I should say that I like several of the fight scenes. I appreciate that the fights have legitimate intensity to them and involve some neat superpowers being shown off, but I wish that the manga didn't fall back on the idea of allies dueling each other so much and I also think that the self-reflection and philosophizing which occurs in the middle of some of the fights comes across as kinda out-of-place. I'm not sure how much longer this manga can have our protagonist maintain the facade of being a "trash prince," but I have been enjoying that aspect of the manga and the way it leads Fai to acting in more covert ways. [Reviewed at chapter 25]

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