Alt title: [switch]

Vol: 13; Ch: 73
2002 - 2008
3.972 out of 5 from 290 votes
Rank #4,101

Kai Eto is the Narcotics Control Division's newest investigator and is quickly partnered together with cold, workaholic Hal Kurabayashi. Their job is to track down drug gangs and they must often work undercover in order to do so. While Hal efficiently locates and arrests his targets, Kai often gets too personally involved and acts based on his emotions rather than on common sense. However it seems that Kai is not all goodness and light, and when pushed to the edge he's taken over by a violent alter-ego which shows no mercy. With Kai and Hal's clashing personalities, opposing methods and secret pasts will these two rookies ever be able to cooperate, or will their inability to see eye to eye prevent them from ever truly working together?

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