Sweeter Than Cake

Alt title: Amai Mono = Cake < Kimi

Vol: 1; Ch: 6
2013 - 2014
4.076 out of 5 from 21 votes
Rank #8,136
Sweeter Than Cake

On the way home, Takuya and his little brother came across with Keisuke, a red-haired patissier in the park. Despite his gaudy appearance, the sweetness of his strawberry cake captivated the two brothers, forcing Takuya to splurted out his honest opinion. Attracted by Takuya detailed evaluation, Keisuke asked him to be his permanent tester. At first, Takuya did not buy the idea, but why does he end up going to Keisuke's shop every day? Does he only want to eat cake with Yuta? Or maybe it has any connection with this growing tightening feeling in his chest?

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