Sweet Home

Vol: 12; Ch: 140
2017 - 2020
4.377 out of 5 from 4,344 votes
Rank #110
Sweet Home

After an unexpected family tragedy, a reclusive high school student is forced to leave his home -- only to face something much scarier: a reality where monsters are trying to wipe out humanity. Now he must fight alongside a handful of reluctant heroes to try and save the world before it’s too late.

Source: Webtoon

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So this Manga is about the 18 Year-old boy Cha Hyeunsu, whose parents tragically died in a car accident. He did not bother about that too much and with a budget of 2000 Dollars he continues his life. After moving in a new apartment, he realized with his way of living the money won't last up to two months, so he sets himself a date for commiting suicide. Before he could reach that day though a sudden monster apocalypse took place. Isolated from the world again he is trying to survive until the finale of a TV show he loves comes out. In the ongoing chapters he meets new people living in the same building he lives in. On his way through the days he discovers new sides of him and characteristics he might not like. Together he and his new found companions try to survive in this new and scary world. In my opinion the Manga has a cool Art-Style and a well thought story. Some forshadowing in the first chapters might be confusing, but after further reading you get into it more. Even though I like this story and it is definitely a worth read, the story and what will happens next is sometimes pretty predictable. On the other hand there are moments where you get completely thrown off the road. Another thing is the characters development and their design as well. Some characters are mainly viewed, while other important characters just stand at the sideline. Of some characters you get to know their feelings and you learn about their past, while others are just flatly brought into the story to give it some fresh air, which is pretty sad, because I think this Manga would be a lot better if some of the characters wouldn't be that left out so much. So overall this Manga is definetly a worth read, although it's not for everyone. So you should definitely take a look. 


Very nice as a read, it is also much better than the other work created by the author Bastard, I can say that Sweet Home is a good horror / apocalyptic manhwa to approach with Story: the story is very interesting, it focuses more on how the survivors try to survive in this apocalyptic world and in the meantime we come to find out some information about the virus that has affected people into monsters, up to a jaw-dropping ending very good from this point of view. If I had to make some criticism, worldbuilding would be the first, practically only 2 or 3 houses are explored which in my opinion is a pity, second, more insight into the virus that has struck man would have been needed, because when we get to the end , there will still be some unanswered questions Characters: I liked the characters both for their way of acting and for their characterization even if there are some secondary characters that I found unbearable.Hyun Cha: Great protagonist, I really liked his actingJisu Yoon: I found her nice and I empathized with her a lot, too bad she didn't go too deep, I was also a bit disappointed with the development of her relationship with HyunHyuk Lee: very calculating and manipulative but at the same time also very human I dare say, he is perhaps my favoriteEun lee: she's not annoying, but she won't do much in the story Art: the art style is very good, the best part is the very dark colors that immerse you more in the manhwa horror style and the monster design that I found fantastic to say the least, the only flaw is the character design this is not it drove me crazy Horror: The best part of this manhwa, although it is nothing over the top, there were many suspenseful moments that left you in suspense, especially the behavior of some monsters and the plates depicting them will leave you feeling uncomfortable while reading the manhwa. Excellent from this point of view Comment: Sweet home turned out to be a really nice manhwa to read, I really recommend it to everyone, especially those who appreciate horror, it will surely satisfy you a lot

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