Sweet Bite Marks

Alt titles: Sweet Bite, Tian Mei De Yao Hen

Ch: 70
2016 - 2017
3.741 out of 5 from 516 votes
Rank #15,980
Sweet Bite Marks

Catch me if you can, this is a game about imprisonment and possession, a love of blood which makes you bewitched. The struggles, touching moments, fear and love in this comic are bewitching. A noble vampire prince falls for a menial human blood servant... from refusal to acceptance, she begins to worry about him and solve problems for him... However, there are gaps of status, classes and hatred between them, in this confrontation between vampires and humans, will they finally break the rule and be together?

Source: Pocket Comics

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Now wtf was this story even. I remember reading it quite awhile ago, but thinking back on it now what was even going on??Like the all characters were abysmal. None of them were legitimately fun to read, none of them were really that much compelling too honestly. Ig the only point of interest I found between them was their relationships, but that was simply because there was a lot of drama. The way ML & FL’s relationship started off in an incredibly weird way. I still don’t know how & why the FL ever even fell for ML. Like srsly what was the reason? I remember when l 1st read this series, l tried to imagine FL’s lines in a different way than in the context she was saying them in. So like she’ll say smtg like, “step away from me” to ML while blushing or smtg, I’d try to imagine that she’s saying this because she’s uncomfortable, & cuz she legitimately wholeheartedly wants to get away from the situation that the ML has put her in [I'm mostly referring to the 1st arc here when the ML & FL 1st meet]. Though after a while ig l gave up. The series also has the problem with romanticising SA, but like at the same time the series also can’t make up its mind whether it wants to portray SA as bad or hot.The story is misunderstandings galore. Whenever ML & FL start to become happy even just a tiny bit, stuff happens that makes everything a mess. Like this happens everytime without fail [Biggest example being the arc where FL & ML escape to a cute cottage house or smtg. This is probably the arc where I was genuinely finding the interactions cute, & I was happy for the FL & ML (even if was only slightly)m though obviously stuff happened, & it eventually led to one of the biggest misunderstandings in the series]. I will give it to the author that they are atleast somewhat good at writing these misunderstandings. Like there is a legitimate reason most of the times as to why these misunderstandings spring up. Though all of this does get cancelled off by the sheer quantity of these misunderstandings, & how they close to each other they happen.FL & ML’s relationship is incredibly toxic. Their relationship is not healthy for either of them. It’s mentally draining to not only read, but very clearly for the both of them too. It’s kinda like a drug. They both know it’s bad for them, they both know it might kill them, but they keep coming back to it [honestly l feel like l can write a whole essay on this analogy]. Frankly speaking l kinda wish by the end of the series FL & ML had just decided to go their separate ways. They could've just went on their merry ways. Maybe cuz of all the psychological hit this war & the manipulation of those around them took on them. Realising how draining being in a relationship with one another had become, & how much stuff between them was not working out. & l know the author wanted to show “Oh, despite all the hardships their love came out top~”. But their relationship was just srsly not it. l rlly wanted FL & ML to realise that neither of them were ever truly happy in this relationship. Like give it a more realistic ending or smtg, l don’t know.[Side note: The FL started off as extremely timid & weak. But after the main time skip she does become incredibly strong, & she stands for herself (ig), etc. But it doesn’t matter cuz ALL of that gets trashed whenever the plot demands it, but then gets brought back again just like that]The art was good.….ig? But it’s nothing rlly special, & when it comes to the males l feel like the artist may have a same face syndrome.With how much l say abt the “bads”, I honestly don’t have much of an opinion on this series. Like l read it (I read like 100+ chps l honestly don’t know) & I dropped it. I don’t hate it, honestly l don’t even think I dislike it, but I obviously don’t it either. If you wanna read this then go ahead lol (tho maybe not considering the cons I talked abt)

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