Surgical Swordsman

Alt titles: Swords and Scalpels, Waike Jian Xian

Ch: 84+
2018 - ?
2.955 out of 5 from 55 votes
Rank #19,157
Surgical Swordsman

A gifted medical student gets a time travel and arrives at a world that ruled by martial arts. Will he try his best to save the sick with his skills learned in his previous world? Will he obey the rules of the new world and practice to be a martial master? Definitely no! The beauties of the new world are more important! 

Source: MangaToon

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A mess of forced situations where the MC has little say and he just goes with whatever the others push uppon him. The "story" if you can call it that, is a mess that progresses with no direction so far, though to be honest, this is common in cultivation stories, they are simply so long that the start of the stories are usually either ridiculous power-ups or this kind of undefined slow world building. I have to say though that this one does it worse than most, it does little sense and the characters actions are hardly realistic. So yeah, it once the MC starts to get strong it may change but 30 ch in andhe hasn't even started to train for it and the start of a story is one of the most important parts of it, in my experience there have been very few mangas/manhuas that started badly and got good. Also, it does all this by not taking itself seriously, does not explaining much and uses bad comedy as an excuse for lack of sense and cohesiveness. And to top it off, tha author has a bad sense of humor, well I correct myself, has a kids oriented sense of humor, I guess kids in puberty and their teens might enjoy the jokes. SPOILER from saving a girl he's captured, has his family put in danger: from saving the village chief he's treated as a usless person and given the most precarious life style: from saving another girl, she asks him to be his master after which he's thrown in prison by her, forced a weird drink and forced to be the newly revealed princess' master (by the way, martial arts are forbidden by the emperor). And the MC just goes with the flow...

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