Super Genius DNA

Ch: 67+
2020 - ?
4.221 out of 5 from 219 votes
Rank #4,892
Super Genius DNA

If you had the power to heal the world, would you have the strength to make it happen? Youngjoon Ryu, a research scientist at one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in South Korea, must step up to this challenge. After being infected by an artificial cell creation project called Rosaline, Ryu's suddenly able to perceive heightened biomedical knowledge via auditory and visual hallucinations. With his brand new superpower, Ryu vows to overcome the corruption of big pharma and create medicine for the good of all humanity… but will he succeed?

Source: Tapas

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In this manhwa, the MC is a man with a good heart who works on the research and development of medicine.  After a falling out with his greedy higher-ups due to his moral convictions, he is transferred to a different lab where he accidentally tampers with an apparently failing experiment, cutting himself on a sharp object and- gaining powers that make no sense whatsoever! Sort of.  They have limits though, which is pretty cool.  Through completely unknown methods, he is now the owner of a System that can do ridiculous cheat things for him.  Like give him the recipes for cures and answers to complicated questions and zoom in his eyes to see things like 2,000 times.  His 'DNA' is now a 'genius.'  The manhwa follows his journey using extremely technical and often made-up words and pseudo-science galore (mixed with just enough advanced real science that it's almost believable.)  Unfortunately, in the process, the techno-babble is pretty tedious to read through.  Also his journey to find a way to cure everything!.. or something like that, while earning money and having a strong desire to cleanse the corruption of the higher-ups in the medical industry.  The characters are all very well fleshed out and original, nobody is just a trope.  The art is pretty decent.  The story is great, if they didn't go off on tangents all the time and relegate the System to a sidenote for dozens of chapters while fleshing out meaningless scientific stuff.  I think it would've done better as a TV show you could have on in the background and only look up when they stop talking 'Science!' over-explanations and get back to the interesting stuff- but that's a personal opinion. WARNINGS: If you're squeamish over things like, say, sticking a needle into an eyeball, graphically, animal testing, and/or other medical related things- don't read this. 

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