Sunu Sumu Muriku no Koibito - Custom lists

Sunu Sumu Muriku no Koibito
  • Nagiko no Hanashi
  • Nagatachou Icchoume Nanabanchi
  • Nagaraja
  • Nagakura-kun to wa Dekimasen!
  • Nagaku mo Mijikaki Koi no Hanashi

Shounen-ai Manga (N-Z) by AnnaSartin

Japanese manga tagged shounen-ai. Excludes doujinshi, one-shots, collections, and anthologies.

  • Claudine
  • Yuzu no Koto
  • The Pain of Living in a Male Body
  • Wandering Son
  • G.I.D.

Manga with Transgender Themes by cervintine

A comprehensive list of manga that feature transgender characters and themes. I'm still evaluating some other manga, but if there are any I've left out, or if you find an error, PLEASE let me know in the comments. ...