Vol: 8; Ch: 76
2006 - 2009
3.773 out of 5 from 1,170 votes
Rank #6,286

Hideo Aiba is anything but popular. Not only is he a high school virgin, he's also a part of the "Roman Club" – a group of guys with bizarre fetishes. But Hideo's unusual school life is changed forever when the mysterious Kurumi transfers into his class, joining the Roman Cub soon thereafter. Together, the two begin a strained and pleasurable relationship where Kurumi controls Hideo's very desires... and actions.

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MikeSinner Aug 22, 2011
Score 9/10

It should be pretty obvious just by the picture that this is a manga involving echhi elements. And quite a few at that. But that doesn't mean it's all just about that.
I had quite few laughs even litteraly to the point of worrying about my neighbors because of my LOL (insomnia makes me continue way past midnight, so got to keep it down...).
But there's some drama moments as well, actually also... read more

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Dreamsleeper64 Jan 18, 2011
Score 8.5/10

Sundome (2006 ~ ?)
Kazuto Okada The story of sundome is about a group of selfplaying otaku's in the so called "roman club"
Their club main goal is to discover UFO's and/or ghost appearances.
The club main rule is to never have ***.
If they keep to that rule, the OB "former members of the club now at other schools" promise to reward them with a better education and... read more



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