Sun-Ken Rock

Vol: 25; Ch: 172
2006 - 2016
4.268 out of 5 from 1,429 votes
Rank #1,534
Sun-Ken Rock

Ken lost his family as a child, and when he confessed to the girl he loved from afar, Yumin, he lost her too in a very different way! For Yumin made her own confession: she's actually Korean, and left for her homeland to become a police officer. One year later, Ken leaves Japan to find his lost love, unintentionally becoming the leader of a brutal Korean gang in the process! It's tough to stay alive in the underworld, but Ken will try his best to keep the peace and rise to power, even though all he wants is a date with the lovely Yumin.

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MarioSpurs's avatar
MarioSpurs Jun 6, 2011
Score 9/10

The story is amazing, the art is amazing and all the characters are so quirky and likeable. It's a shame if this doesn't become an anime but it might be too explicit for some! You can tell that the author tries his best with the work because the amount of research he put into Korea is staggering. He researched cuisine, places, traditions...Just to make the manga more enjoyable to read. Ken, the main character... read more

LunaYume's avatar
LunaYume May 28, 2018
Score 9.5/10

Yumin is a badass daughter of a Yakuza Boss, who moves to Korea to get away from her clan and become an officer. She is incredibly beautiful and believes Ken when he says he has moved to Korea to work for a video game company. 
He hits her up every once in awhile and they go on dates. She's met him in Japan before but doesn't know him very well. He always seems to have to leave in a hurry. Over the... read more

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