Suki x Suki

Alt title: Love x Transparent

Vol: 2; Ch: 23
2016 - 2017
3.474 out of 5 from 195 votes
Rank #9,988
Suki x Suki

Touka Aizuki is girl who can turn invisible and no one can see her except for one person, Ryoutarou Mimori. Even though she is physically invisible, her love is completely visible!

Source: MU

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Repe14Rodriguez Jun 2, 2019
Score 6.5/10

Story- The story about how Tsundere girl stalking her crush with her ability turn into invisible without realize that her crush  could see her. The story is just to make me feel fantasized and hoping I could be just like him. (That make me feel envy of him.) Nothing special, the plot just simple. No drama that I want to. But (as a man) I enjoy it. The story is recommended to all men (who love to watch... read more


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