Alt title: Waters

Vol: 2; Ch: 12
2009 - 2010
4.217 out of 5 from 151 votes
Rank #2,171

The country is in the midst of a heat wave, and with a lower than average rainfall there's a serious water shortage. As such, Chinami Kawamura and the rest of her school's swim club are relegated to running laps instead of swimming them, and in the heat of the mid-day sun, the young girl collapses. While unconscious, Chinami finds herself beside a clear, sparkling river in a deserted rural village where she meets a young boy named Sumio and his elderly father. But even after she awakens and returns to reality, Chinami continues to pass out and visits the same refreshing place - much to her mother's concern...

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Suiiki / Waters is a short drama / supernatural manga by the author of Mushishi.  Story The manga follows Chinami, a girl who one day collapses while running in the heat, and dreams of village near a river. She meets a boy called Sumio and his father there too. When she wakes up and talks about it with her family, her grandmother says that Chinami might have seen her old home. And as you would expect after such a remark, the story soon ends up being about all generations (grandmother, mother, and Chinami). To tell these stories the author uses a lot of dreams and flashbacks, which might make it confusing at first, but once you get to the end and you really understand what happened it totally pays off: the way the different stories are woven together, combined with the mystery around Sumio makes this a great story in my opinion, and the atmosphere in the manga is really nice too. ( In fact, I'd argue the atmosphere is the strongest part in the manga).  Characters The characters all act naturally, and are relatable for the most part. Due to the limited length of the manga some characters are not all that fleshed out, but that is to be expected when reading a short manga so I'm not too harsh in my rating for this part. Art You can see it in the panel above already, but the art is great. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous, and the character designs are pretty nice too. I also really like the positioning and transition of panels. Overall A great atmospheric manga with a great, smooth story and wonderful artwork. This is what I call strongly recommended reading material!

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