Strongest Cultivation System

Alt title: Zui Qiang Xiu Xian Xi Tong

Ch: 149
2019 - 2020
3.335 out of 5 from 114 votes
Rank #30,465
Strongest Cultivation System

What would Han Hao, the young hero do when he finds out that his innocent girlfriend is a plaything of a rich man? After his discovery that he was just a backup boyfriend and that his girlfriend had been cheating on him, his fortunes change when he obtains the Strongest Cultivation System by chance. His life changes completely from then on! With the “All-Seeing Talisman” that can see through anything, the “Golden Cure” that can cure anything, and superpowers whenever he changes into women’s clothes, he can do anything with the System in his hands! Watch how the nobody rises to become a hero in this exciting series!

Source: Qidian

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