Stolen Hearts

Alt title: Toraware Gokko

Vol: 6
2006 - 2011
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Stolen Hearts

It was a simple accident. Shinobu spilled milk on Miharu's bag that contained a kimono. All she had to do was apologize to him. But it's a real challenge because Miharu is known as the tallest and meanest person in the class and everyone is afraid of him! Miharu tells Shinobu that the kimono is very expensive, so she must make it up to him. But how? Shinobu must wear a kimono and help Miharu to hand out advertisement of his grandmother's antique kimono shop everyday after school. At first, she's somewhat reluctant, but she begins to enjoy the experience and finds herself coming to like Miharu. Gradually, Shinobu notices how sensitive Miharu actually is, not the mean person that everyone--including herself--thought him to be. Soon, Shinobu realizes that she has fallen in love with Miharu.

Source: CMX

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