Stigmata (Jongpil GWAK)

Ch: 15+
2021 - ?
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Stigmata (Jongpil GWAK)

Sion is rescued from a village where he was horribly slaughtered when he was young. While working as an apprentice priest at a temple in a neighboring village, hoping to live a life without curves, he accidentally rescued High Priest Parvellone and, with his favor, ascends to Zeon, the capital of the Holy Kingdom. 5 years after later Shion is imprisoned in a dungeon for having 'something not to have', tortured by Holy King Siennas, and dies after learning that he had been betrayed by Parvellone, whom he trusted. However, the next moment, on the day of the King's coronation ceremony five years ago, Sion wakes up in the body of none other than Siennas...

Source: MU

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