Steel Fist Riku

Alt title: Kenkou Shoujo Riku

Vol: 3; Ch: 16
2006 - 2008
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Steel Fist Riku

A teenage girl, skilled in the martial arts and with fists as strong as steel, defends the people of her village from criminals and bullies. Riku lives with her adoptive father, Rocky, who has trained her in the martial arts. In Riku's world, humans co-exist with human-like animals, so there's nothing alarming about a "Pig Man" showing up in the neighborhood one day. But this Pig Man is out to shake down a local merchant…and Riku is not about to let that happen. The ensuing battle sets off a whole series of events that reconnect Rocky to his shady past. Follow Riku's adventures as she dispenses justice and keeps everyone on the straight and narrow path!

Source: CMX

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