Starting With a Lie

Alt title: Cong Huang Yan Kai Shi

Ch: 63
2019 - 2020
4.521 out of 5 from 1,004 votes
Rank #649
Starting With a Lie

Love and lies don't mix well, so when art student Tang Tang ropes his friend Chen Qingye into pretending to be his boyfriend to stave off unwanted love confessions from his female schoolmates, complications are sure to follow. Chen Qingye is a closeted gay, and now that he and Tang Tang are fake-dating, he has no idea how to admit that his feelings for his faux-boyfriend are very real. Equally clueless Tang Tang also has secret feelings that he doesn't know how to express, and they only seem to grow stronger as time goes on. Can their budding love ever blossom into something real if neither of them has the courage to tell the truth?  

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The plot was rather slow-paced and it gets kinda frustrating towards the end because of how dense the characters are. It makes you want to scream "just make out already!!!!". But other than that, the plot is still well-written in my opinion. It's the common trope of lying and changing yourself to get closer to someone you love. It's pretty overused, but nonetheless, I still enjoyed reading this manhua. I will not shut up about the artwork though. I'm 100% sure other readers enjoyed the gorgeous artwork because I mean, who wouldn't. It's so cute and adorable and it just adds to the entire story. The whole vibe and aesthetic makes you feel calm and makes you fall in love with the story even more.  (this paragraph is a spoiler) My favorite scene was when Tang Tang confessed that the whole relationship with Daye Ge was a lie during Lin Hang's birthday. It was so beautifully drawn that it really brings you into the story. It made me feel sad especially after seeing the feelings of betrayal of the girls. The relief I felt when Tang Tang finally gave in and admitted how tired he was of "pretending" made me go "WOOO!!! FINALLY". I also love the chapters and little bits where it's them texting and you read into their conversations. I find it cute and it makes me giggle about how adorable their relationship is.  Overall, I'd give it an 8.5/10 just because I'm not a fan of slow-burn romances. Every other aspect of the story makes up for it though, but since I'm an impatient person myself, it got frustrating at times when they kept beating around the bush. I love the plot, characters, and ARTWORK (!!!!). Kudos to the author, he's so talented. 

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