Star x Fanboy - Custom lists

Alt title: Park Bae Woo x Kim Nam Paen

Star x Fanboy
  • An Archdemon's Dilemma: How to Love Your Elf Bride
  • Akuyaku Reijou wa Ringoku no Outaishi ni Dekiai Sareru
  • Adelaide
  • A Condition Called Love
  • 10 Years That I Loved You the Most

❤ Must Protect ❤ by sm3xyang3l

All characters are likeable, wholesome and would've probably needed hella hugs at some point. May be super sweet stories or slightly deeper stories with a tragic backstory.

  • Don't Touch Me! (Zhuang Ning)
  • Dangeum and Jigyo
  • Challengers
  • Black Keys
  • Asa to Micha

Gentle semes (and sekes) in BL by AnnaSartin

The dominant members of BL couples often have no shame in being overly forceful and - let's be honest - downright rapey. For those who are tired of that trope, here is a list of yaoi and shounen-ai where the main couples aren't...

  • Classmates
  • Chichi Kogusa
  • Chibi-san Date
  • Brother Shuffle!
  • 19 Days

Cute daily life in Mangas (with BL and GL) by MsPerseus

Mangas with a cute daily life, or a soft story, primordially cute as mentioned earlier. Basically good slice of lifes.

  • Classmates
  • Bloody Mary (Akaza SAMAMIYA)
  • At the End of the Road
  • A Guy Like You
  • 19 Days

Mangas BL that are not only sex by MsPerseus

Mangas with an interesting story, where the characters grow and have more meaning than just screw to each others. And that are good.

  • All About Lust
  • A Guy Like You
  • Sweet Caress
  • Addiction
  • A Contractual Relationship

BL webcomics by AnnaSartin

Boys-Love webcomics, with links to their official English, Korean, Chinese or Japanese sites. (Links may become broken over time if comics are removed from the publisher's site or if the company puts an age restriction block on...

  • Harukaze no Étranger
  • Chibi-san Date
  • Barakamon
  • Asatte ni Kiss
  • A Guy Like You

Extra Cute Mangas by MsPerseus

Mangas with either a cute story, or really cute characters/art. But they can also hide "dark meanings". In conclusion: they have something cute. (The list includes lgbt relationships)

  • If My Favorite Pop Idol Made it to the Budokan, I Would Die
  • Pink to Mameshiba
  • KimoOta, Idol Yarutteyo
  • Idol-kun wa Koi wo Shiranai
  • Star x Fanboy

Idol Culture by LupaLunae

These are manga that either embrace idol culture and idol otakus, or have them or fans as main characters.

  • 100% Perfect Girl
  • 30 Days With You
  • 10 Years in the Friend Zone
  • 4 Cut Hero
  • 1 Plus 1 (Soru)

Official English manhwa by RoyalOss

Official webcomics translated by Lezhin at Please support the official release!

  • Beloved Marriage in High Society (Novel)
  • Beast Master
  • Barakamon
  • Baby, Kokoro no Mama ni!
  • Anitomo

Cute/Sweet Manga by LupaLunae

These stories may be cute in a variety of ways. From just having a sweet story or adorable characters, I found these manga to be cute. Note: Variety of kinds of cute. Some I just found to be heart warming. Also I'm completely...