Star Martial God Technique

Alt titles: Astral Sutra, Divine Star Martial Arts, Godly Star Martial Arts, Rise of the Ultimate Warrior, The Book of Celestial Power, Xing Wu Shen Jue

Ch: 686+
2016 - ?
3.974 out of 5 from 2,428 votes
Rank #4,398
Star Martial God Technique

In the whole world there lay twelve paths to climb Tower of God, and in legends, these twelve pathways lead toward the legendary road of immortality. However, these paths in the Tower of God, are far too long, without end. In ancient times there once were many types of martial arts, sadly the world underwent terrible changes, and only three were left: Flame, Dragon and Star Martial Arts. Generations of experts of those three martial arts are searching for the road to immortality. A Star Martial Arts practitioner on his journey of a lifetime, in becoming the Highest God. 

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Old version This is one of those with a good premise and then it turns to a boring fest. The mc is weak, not that smart, not even in the least cunning, feels bad from killing baddies, is indecisive. You could take any of the popular manhua mc and replace this one and the story would become better. But even the plot in this one is so confusing and not in a good way. It's not a complex plot just that unlike the usual wuxia stories the author wanted to create an interconnected world. In typical stories mc is bullied/weak has to fight for his branch family or is kicked out of the clan, goes to a bigger clan/academy, travel the world, etc you know the drill. Here he stays in the same country and same clan and make it his base so the whole story involves the same people throughout the plot and the conflict the author found is a war. After it's just too many clans, people, and boring stuff. As if it wasn't enough you have the main characters who are basically 14 yo, think like 14 yo and act like 14 yo. I've always had a problem with these kids because it justify their stupid behavior. Make story with adults. New version I decided to let my old comment here, made in 2020 because some of the points made are still valid, although I wouldn't be as harsh as I was with it. The story is fine, I would even say that the plot is pretty good. The way it slowly progresses can get tiring at times but it certainly delivers in the middle. It feels like a complete story for once. You see the beginning and the ending. I would have liked if the author had more ambition for this because the world felt so contained. While reading it you have the feeling that there is no after. That it's coming to an end soon. And what do you know ? SPOILER ALERT I have absolutely no idea what happened but the story ended. And then it didn't. A new arc popped out of nowhere without any explanation on what's going on. It's as if a completely new story was starting and that's quite frustrating. I read somewhere that the original author (Er Gen) dropped it so I don't know if it's the manhua artist who is continuing the story now. Thing is, since the new plot is not that bad I still read it but not with the same enthusiasm I had.

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