Star Martial God Technique

Alt titles: Astral Sutra, Godly Star Martial Arts, Xing Wu Shen Jue

Ch: 392+
2016 - ?
4.307 out of 5 from 1,946 votes
Rank #1,493
Star Martial God Technique

In the whole world there lay twelve paths to climb Tower of God, and in legends, these twelve pathways lead toward the legendary road of immortality. However, these paths in the Tower of God, are far too long, without end. In ancient times there once were many types of martial arts, sadly the world underwent terrible changes, and only three were left: Flame, Dragon and Star Martial Arts. Generations of experts of those three martial arts are searching for the road to immortality. A Star Martial Arts practitioner on his journey of a lifetime, in becoming the Highest God. 

Source: MangaToon

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I feel like SMGT is like tales of demons and gods (same author) but in quite a little bit less good and complete than tales. Basically you wont be disoriented between them. If you like one then you will be hooked with the other. The setup between both is very similar. There are a bunch of similarities even in the arcs. Then you will tell me "then why reading both and not only tales of demons and gods". Well basically the more you progress throughout the story, the more it will be different in how the story goes. Star martial god technique is like an alternative version of tales but with a different focus and a different course of actions. It could have happened in tales if the main character just wanted to focus on his clan and not to save his city. Be aware that it's not only an alternative story. It's a different story, the world is similar but different, system of power aswell and characters does not react the same way. That's why if you like one, you will like the other, you will basically find everything that tales already has, the same recipe but differently used. Some badass main character moments, genius MC that humiliates cocky nobles, a little bit of romance, good friendship between characters and more. The art is good and quite refreshing even if it's not a masterpiece, it's a little bit blurry in the drawings. The characters can be quite predictable overall. The nobles are almost all jerks who are bad (the good ones can be counted with a hand I guess lol) and when MC helps someone, then this someone can help him in return by giving his life to protect him. I think they are very brave and loyal in this story.. That's what I meant by predictable but it's not annoying at all. MC is less interesting than tales's MC, he's just born as a powerful guy. Apart this, he's like tales's MC but in less developed and he's more cold and tense. Yunning is devoted to MC after having seen that MC will give up his life to protect his friends. She's adorable but it is such a pity that MC does not seem to like her in return after everything she did and she's still doing.. I hope this poor little girl wont be screwed by the author, not after he showed her like litteraly the second character that you see the most in the story and that helps the most MC. Lin Hong is devoted to MC too, he has similar ambitions to MC but he has taken an another path than MC. If MC is more like Suzaku in code geass then Lin is lelouch, he does the dirty work to achieve his goal because he does not believe in other means. The only difference is their friendship. Unlike in code geass they are together and do not fight themselves.

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