Stand Up! (Warren)

Alt titles: Brawling Go!, Eojjeora Go!

Ch: 153
2015 - 2019
3.813 out of 5 from 637 votes
Rank #7,694
Stand Up! (Warren)

Jaejin has lived his short but dreadful life as an impotent (a.k.a. GOJA in Korean). His life takes an unexpected turn when Jaejin regains his once absent manhood. But now, he faces another challenge; unerecting his constantly erecting buddy. What is he supposed to do?

Source: Lehzin

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Well this story is very interesting and.... Original. You have a boy that is doomed to have an inifinite boner unless a girl "settles" this matter herself. Obviously with this synopsis you know what kind of scene you will see but it's not a SMUT (a story without any plot only made to show you some sex scenes). This story is interesting and well written despite being based on dick and sperm (litteraly). To be a little bit more accurate about this plot without spoiling, I would say that you will see a MC that just wants to live his life with the woman he loves but unfortunately he will be implicated in all sorts of sexual deeds with many women because he attracts them to much for a reason. The MC will have to keep his balance in the light side of the force and not fall into the dark side.  It seems stupid and smut but believe me the story is built and you can even take some lessons on this manhwa for real life. Unlike it seems to be, the manhwa does not try to justify sex affairs. It's the opposite, the more you will progress throughout the plot, the more the story will make you understand that being in a sex affair when you are in "couple" is a bad thing. There will be a clear distinction between women that are sexually attracted by MC and the main girl that loves him for what he is. Obviouslt there are some drama scenes, it was cliche drama scenes only made to frustrate the reader and to give more depth into the characters, but it was overall repetitive drama. 3 times. 3 fucking times main girls entered MC's room without any reasons when this one was doing his deed with another women. But 3 times was also the amount of time the main cliche rich son of b*tch that only thinks about sex that nobody likes tried to smoothly trap main girl to fuck her when she was sad. At least he has been brutally karmaED at the end because he has known worse that the death. The characters were good. MC was a normal MC but he grown up with the story. He became more kind and worried about others. He was almost never thinking about his personal needs. Of course he has known his bad period but everything has been settled gecause of his love for the main girl. Regarding this one, she is smart and even if she's complicated (well I can understand the fact that she is angry when she sees MC fucking an other girl of course...) she tends to resolve her conflicts with him by understanding the dilemma that the MC has to face. It's truly a lesson of how their mutual love beats the sexual deeds. The other girls were also good. Nothing much to say they had their own characteristics that distingued them. They were not especially cliche girls for most. I'm surprised by how they were well developed. Im just a little bit sad for the end, I mean it's good and all but I was waiting a more ocmplete end. What happened to the others ? Why didnt the author show us MCs's wedding instead of their friends's wedding... And for f*ck sake why it ends like a loop where the other moron "activates" the same sh*t that MC activated at the start. It's not a bad end but just it lacks of completion and the "loop" part with the other moron is not necessary. They could just have lived their lives happily at this point because there is not even a second season or anything else so why... The art was godtier. To conclude, it's an original and serious plot based on a borderline H theme. The art is godtier and you frequently have some sex scenes if you are looking to do your thing. If you are not seeking this like me, well you can still read it because the story is just so much interesting. NB : I reassure you there is not any NTR (the MC is not cucked) even if the author uses the other moron to frustrate us with his traps. The drama scenes were annoying because repetitive and cliche but it's not that hard to read. It's not a domestic na kanojo or a KNIM. Only some chapters there and here are drama, it's not a whole arc for example.

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