Stalker's Game

Alt title: Kkonnoripae

Ch: 42
2016 - 2017
3.718 out of 5 from 706 votes
Rank #17,389
Stalker's Game

Why did the stalker choose Hyunsung? It began with gifts. First, candies, milk cartons, confectionaries piling outside his small apartment’s door. Then, the meals. Dinner cooked and waiting for him, perfectly timed for when he arrived late from his mundane office job. Soon he began to accept it, the feeling of being watched, like it even. But why him? Who is the stalker? Can Hyunsung really let this him? Or is it all just a game…

Source: Tapas

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So in the end wtf was that Yoonil lad's role in the story? The drawing too man I sometimes confused the two stalkers as the other coz they look so DAMN SIMILAR!!! Are these obessesive psychos from a stalking guild or some shit you'll NEVER know since everything that's played out seems to be up to the reader's interpretations, the characters' feelings included.  I dun think there's any right or wrong in whether you enjoy stories like this or naht, it's kinda in the middle for me. Dis is just another piece of Stockholm syndrome case where the two dudes make the other suffer just as much, stalker dude is way worse that's a given since he's the perpetrator in the first place, he also stalks other peeps but Hyunsung the "stalkee" ultimately becomes his primary target; Hyunsung on the other hand outright hated this creep, he managed to beat stalker's ass AND reversed the roles (in a way) by tying him up. To think that seeing stalker dude reminds Hyunsung of the rape-ish traumatic shits he has been put through he still allows himself to be in stalker's grasps when it comes to sexual matters. MY CHILD I thought that particular part instilled trauma in ya, Hyunsung's mentality eventually just adhered to that of a Stockholm syndrome victim's... out of pity for the stalker's desperation, that's the only reason I could think of. It's a big waste of his resolve when he decided to tie him up.  SO, if you want a relationship with genuine feelings involved, NAH. But if you fuck with twisted notions of love involving stalkerXstalkee with one party warming up to the other then OKAY

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