Stalker's Game

Alt title: Kkonnoripae

Ch: 42
2016 - 2017
4.244 out of 5 from 16 votes
Rank #1,684
Stalker's Game

Why did the stalker choose Hyunsung? It began with gifts. First, candies, milk cartons, confectionaries piling outside his small apartment’s door. Then, the meals. Dinner cooked and waiting for him, perfectly timed for when he arrived late from his mundane office job. Soon he began to accept it, the feeling of being watched, like it even. But why him? Who is the stalker? Can Hyunsung really let this him? Or is it all just a game…

Source: Tapas

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hinatahonoka's avatar
hinatahonoka Jul 9, 2019
Score 7.6/10

A stalker suddently appears on the life of a ordinary worker. And no matter what the worker does he's unable to make the stalker stop. The thing just continues to get worse! The story is really good. It gives me mixed feeling reading about a stalker because it's just too creepy but at the same time captivating. About the characters... they're development throughout the book is amazing! Aside from the MC and... read more


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