SSSS.Gridman: Mou Hitori no Kami (Light Novel)

Alt title: SSSS.Gridman: Another God (Light Novel)

Vol: 2
2019 - 2020
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SSSS.Gridman: Mou Hitori no Kami (Light Novel)

A boy who lost his memories, Hibiki Yuuta, Access Flashed with Hyper Agent Gridman. He fights day and night to protect the people against the Kaijus created by Shinjou Akana. During the Tsutsujidai High School school festival, Yuuta and the rest of the Gridman Alliance fought off the Mecha Ghoulghilas unleased by Akane, but… —When Yuuta opened his eyes, he found himself in Takarada Rikka’s home. Following which, he came to meet with Gridman for the first time as if guided. Furthermore, the Kaijus he already defeated showed up one after another. “It can’t be, I’m looping back in time!?” However, Rikka and the rest do not realize the peculiarity of this world. On the other hand, the Shinjou Akane of this world was different from the one Yuuta knew of. Who was it who created this world? And what will happen to Yuuta and the rest—!?

Source: Shogakukan

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