SQ: Begin W/Your Name!

Alt titles: SQ: Cong Ni De Ming Zi Kai Shi, Tamen De Gushi, Their Story

Ch: 228+
2014 - ?
4.39 out of 5 from 3,177 votes
Rank #75
SQ: Begin W/Your Name!

When Sun Jing in Affiliated No.2 Middle School encounters with Qiutong of South Middle School, a small episode makes Sun remember the girl whose smile as warm as sunshine. Their schools are adjacent, so Sun Jing always meets Qiu at the bus station. He starts to keep an eye on the girl and they become friends since then.

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If you're looking for a sweet and heart-warming comedic shoujo-ai manga, look no further. Tamen De Gushi (她们的故事) fits the perfect criteria of the cutest and sweetest shoujo-ai manga of all times. Fluttering, cute, embarrassing moments can be found all over this manga that is sure to make you blush. Its jam-packed with the sweetest interactions ever! Plot/Story: To be honest this manhua has no solid plot and the only thing closest to a thing considered a plot is the fact that Sun Jing (the black-haired) is attempting to chase after Qiu Tong (the blonde). The cute and sweet interactions can be found in almost every other chapters. But by all means this story isn't the least bit boring. There is development in the story albeit very slow as we follow Sun Jing on her journey from being friends with a stranger and then becoming close friends and finally attempting to make a move on her. Aside from that we will also be seeing plenty of comedic scenes in these chapters that are sure to give you a good laugh. The story is simple and doesn't have any heart-wrenching moments in it only sweet lovable ones. I rate 8.5/10. Art: Tan Jiu (坛九)the artist of this manhua has a very unique way of drawing them. On the outside it might seem poorly-constructed but upon further inspection you can see how much love he has pour into these characters. The art itself is quite unique and has a different touch to it. It can also be considered the artist's signature art style and is very regonizable. The art is good although it is a bit difficult to earn the title perfection. I rate 8/10. Characters: The characters personality are fun and there are no specific in-depth meaning behind their expressions, its easy to read and understand the story from the way they look. Sun Jing has a sort of lovable energetic tom-boyish behaviour that can easily captivate readers. She does things that she truly wants without a second thought. Qiu Tong on the other hand is a shy and modest beautiful character who takes things more seriously. I rate 8/10.  Overall: The manhua is fun and enjoyable to read. It doesn't tug at your heart but gives you a good laugh as you continue on. To add on, the love story is sweet and cute which really warms readers hearts. I rate 8/10. Personal Opinion: I wasn't introduced to this manhua upon its release but rather later into it. The manhua easily caught my interest. The story-telling of this manhua eases my heart and gives me a good laugh. I found it extremely enjoyable and fun to read. Definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys a cute 'no-strings attatch' comic. Note: Note about this manhua is that it uploads sort of irregularly (but a guarentee of minimum of 2 chapters/month will be available) and is a bit slow with each updates as it does not contain a lot of details. Which is why this manhwa has over 100+ chapters with slow progress. On the upside though, Tan Jiu is drawing this absolutely free and he uploads every chapters on his weibo (a twitter equivalent app in China) account for everyone.  Expect more cute and heart-warming interactions like the ones in this picture below.

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