SPY x FAMILY: Kazoku no Shouzou (Light Novel)

Alt title: Spy x Family: Family Portrait (Light Novel)

Vol: 1
4.25 out of 5 from 53 votes
Rank #575
SPY x FAMILY: Kazoku no Shouzou (Light Novel)

In this book of Spy x Family original prose stories, Anya attempts to make friends with her target Damian during an Eden Academy camping trip, Yuri spends his day off babysitting his niece, and Franky seeks Loid’s help in winning the heart of a blind opera singer. Then, when the family sits for a portrait painting, Yor is terrified that her secret identity will be blown. And in the final story, the family is scrutinized by a pair of unseen observers... There’s never been a family quite like this one!

Source: VIZ Media

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