Spirit Migration

Vol: 3; Ch: 27
2015 - 2017
4.176 out of 5 from 701 votes
Rank #2,322
Spirit Migration

A spirit was floating in another world's dungeon, missing its memories. Eventually "he" learned to possess other creatures and using the bodies of the beasts in the dungeon, made his way to the outside world. Dragging a young female knight, a pretty young lady, and even a beautiful mercenary into the mix, our protagonist begins his great adventure in this world!

Source: MU

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bijanabrahim's avatar
bijanabrahim Aug 8, 2017
Score 7.5/10

   This is a very charming story about an unknown entity/spirit that is able to possess other things and just wants to help the people around him. It's simplicity in plot is relaxing and the characters simple motives make it a light read.     The story itself only has a wisp of an overarching narrative; at least one that was completed. There seems to be hints of more, however there is not... read more

Khonsu2's avatar
Khonsu2 Apr 28, 2016
Score 9/10

This manga is very enjoyable to read, and has lots of new intesting ideas that I personally have not seen in a while.  I do think that this is a very under-rated manga that is worth reading.  The main character is loveable, and interesting.  Not only that with the way they potray him he can do almost anything he sets his mind to. One last thing to add into my review is that if you dont enjoy... read more

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