Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning

Alt title: Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna

Vol: 15; Ch: 77
2000 - 2005
3.999 out of 5 from 436 votes
Rank #3,736
Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning

Kiyotaka Narumi, a world-class detective, has been missing for two years. His last words prior to his mysterious disappearance were "I'm going to uncover the mystery of the Blade Children." These words have haunted Kiyotaka's younger brother Ayumu ever since, but neither he nor anyone else has gotten any closer to figuring out their meaning. But after Ayumu becomes the prime suspect in a murder, he begins to discover people with links to the 'Blade Children' all around him! Following in his brother's footsteps, Ayumu now must begin his own investigation into the mysterious Blade Children...

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Premise - An incredibly talented man left his wife and brother to go after the "blade children", which we know nothing about. Oh, this is gonna be terrible, it's gonna be so - Plot Exposition -This is awesome. This is just...awesome. But, wait, why are you linking thisto theBlade Children?Who are they? You'renot gonna say...okay, that's cool. Protagonist - He's so likable when he's not talking to a female! I actually want him to believe in himself and very rarely do I actually feel that way about a character. Antagonist -Brilliant. Perfectlywritten. Although he might not be thebiggest antagonist, he'sone of the best I've ever seen. Supporting Cast - Oh, these guys are so fun and interesting I'm forgetting all about the people they killed and even when they tried to kill the protagonist. Psychological Warfare- This couldn't possibly get any better - OH MY DOUGLAS ADAMS IT GOT BETTER! /Incredible pacing followed with incredible writing that keeps uping the ante in ways you'd never expect. It really makes you think this is the peak of the manga - and takes it beyond the impossible. Comedy - Heh. Sexism is fun. Tragedy - This pacing is brilliant. Story - While the premise hasn't really been explained yet, the ongoing story is just leagues above some other manga. So interesting and so well mapped out that it reminds me of Death Note; you're sure that was made up on the spot, but then you look back and certain things had been leading up to it. It just blows you away, really. And even when they do make things up on the spot in Spiral, it just makes it better. Characters - All incredibly interesting, but kind of portrayed a little too sympathetic for some of the killers. Art - It's not great. It really messes up but it gets the job done. It also really gets better as it goes on, but it just starts out soamateur-ish that it weighs this section down. Recommended? - If you like intellectual manga, yes. If you like murder mysteries, yes. If you like battle manga or romance, probably not.

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