Ch: 30
2019 - 2020
4.155 out of 5 from 188 votes
Rank #3,534

In a world divided into slaves (Spinels) and masters (Pels), Rowell is a young duke who refuses to abide by the established rules. His parents died defending the rights of Spinels, and he, too, has never bought or sold a slave in his life. Then one night, a runaway Spinel named Dev steals an heirloom pendant of Rowell’s and blackmails him into purchasing his services. Dev plans to use Rowell’s wealth and authority to find his lost family, so he does everything in his power to dominate the kindhearted Rowell. With years of bad blood between Pels and Spinels, will the two be able to see each other beyond their labels? Or will their differences be too great to overcome?

Source: Tappytoon

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