Souzai Saishuka no Isekai Ryokouki

Alt title: Material Collector's Another World Travels

Vol: 2+; Ch: 22+
2017 - ?
4.002 out of 5 from 408 votes
Rank #4,705
Souzai Saishuka no Isekai Ryokouki

Takeru Kamishiro is an ordinary middle aged salaryman who was chosen by god to be reincarnated into a fantasy world in the body of a handsome young man in his prime.

Source: MU

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The boots and satchel look excellent. And I like the decoratively framed panels, done at times. Several of the beastkin designs are refreshing as well, like seeing a man with bear ears and a girl with deer antlers. Most of the art is great, but I often don't like the way his face sits on his body. Also, the way the adult dragon is drawn looks, I guess I'd describe it as "pug-nosed" (though the baby dragon looks cute). As Takeru walks through his relatively standard isekai experience, we see him have several goals: He wants to explore the world (this will likely be the impetus for him going to new towns) He wants to get a cute female companion (he settles for a cute baby dragon) He wants to have a stable source of income of at least 2,000 leib per day (oddly, he decides adventuring is stable...) He wants to take a proper bath (he finds a bathhouse in the city) He wants to learn how to raise a dragon (he plans to discuss this with dragon knights) He wants to eat all sorts of delicious foods (this will be another impetus for him going to new towns) He wants to not draw attention to himself or be relied upon (and yet he joins a guild which will track his accomplishments...) He wants to live a peaceful life (and yet chooses a risky and danger-filled lifestyle...) Takeru has multiple cheat abilities, including a huge magic reservoir and the ability to Search the area around him for specific types of materials and stuff. I feel like this manga could've focused more on his searching capabilities and made him less capable at fighting and would have created a more unique storyline. And it also could've just not included an adventurer guild. It's like: Do all roads in an isekai manga lead to an adventurer guild? This one even started out not involving a guild in the slightest and it was functioning fine, but then I guess the author felt the story wasn't checking enough boxes of an isekai story and felt the need to include a guild. [Reviewed at chapter 17]

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