Ch: 40
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Qi closed her eyes and fell asleep in the warm embrace of her girlfriend Yuanzi… only to wake up 10 years in the past! Now back in high school, Qi sees this as the chance to save the love of her life from becoming terminally ill. But little does she know that her teenage self is in her adult body, with no clue about the life she's built and the precious time she has left with Yuanzi. Throughout it all, with each other by their side, can their love conquer every obstacle, in any timeline?

Source: Tapas

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A sweet, heart-warming GL. What I really liked about this was that the story, especially the relationships, was quite realistic. Except for the time-travelling/parallel worlds, the troubles characters face are realistic. Yu Qi and Yuan Zhi are the main characters. Their relationship is rock solid, and there aren't any moments where you feel like the relationship will end because one of them might mess up. They communicate with each other, and the scenes of slight miscommunication don't create any iffy feelings. The other characters are written so well too. I could really see them as real people with their own flaws and emotions. And, the manhua gives the characters flaws while keeping them likeable. The real life issues/aspects of society do come into play, and they're weaved into the story like the natural flow of everyday life. The interactions between all characters are exactly how we interact in real life. Perhaps what's slightly unrealistic in the manhua is the large number of good people; real life won't always have people who recognize and correct their mistakes after all. But, having many reasonable characters is also how the manhua minimizes annoying melodrama, so I'm definitely not complaining haha. The pacing of the manhua is just right. In 40 chapters, I felt satiated. All important loose ends were tied up. The story didn't drag on either. The art is so cute. It's quite simplistic, but it conveys expressions well. Small side-note, even the art depicting the exterior and interior of a typical modern Chinese house is realistic, almost relatable, and the shopping department background is also realistic. The school setting was well done as well. I really recommend this to any reader.

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