Soul Catcher(S)

Vol: 11; Ch: 90
2013 - 2016
4.036 out of 5 from 91 votes
Rank #4,139
Soul Catcher(S)

Kamine Shuuta is a person who can see a person's heart (literally). Tokisaka Hibiki is a saxophonist in the music club. Shuuta first listens to his saxophone on the terrace and wanted to ask something but Shuuta tells him to come to his performance later in the ongoing school festival. After seeing Hibiki's performance, he see the notes of music as hands which can heal the wounded, tend the broken, break the shielded hearts. After the performance Shuuta asks Hibiki if there isn't a person to whom your sound doesn't reach. Shuuta says although Hibiki's sounds can seize hearts of others and move them, his own heart is guarded and is unmoved and troubled. Hibiki then takes Shuuta to his childhood friend Moko who loved singing but somehow became mute. Shuuta sees her as a sea of depression and despair. Thus begins their journey to heal people's hearts with music.

Source: MU

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